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Steam Games running on ARM devices and Nintendo Switch on Android: Emulation Updates

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Hey all! In this video we talk about Steam up and running on ARM! Yes, thanks to Box86, Proton now works on ARM computers running Linux. The Nintendo Switch Emulator on Android (Skyline) also has some improvements!

0:00 Steam Games running on ARM
2:15 Skyline running Pokémon

Steam on ARM in action:
Compatibility list:
Great writeup:

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  1. Great times ahead! Awesome news, and I can't wait to see whats next! Emulation is awesome in 2022!
    Shoutouts to Rob, ByLaws, King and tsk for the news tip

  2. I played Super Mario Land DX on my modded WiiU gamepD this previous winter , and yup even with the old version running the game was a excellent blast of a game to play! Thanks for the updates on the new version

  3. I'm really starting to question this skyline, I can't find it anywhere to download, aeithersx2, dolphin and the 3ds emulator works well but skyline don't seem to exist on my android

  4. Thanks for your information you always bring us the newest informations at the first time and it's very happy that pokemon games are starting to work on skyline emulator finally by the devs effort.Respect!

  5. I wouldn't recommend using Box86 on a Raspberry Pi. I really hope the Radxa Rock 5 with the Rockchip RK3588 will be released soon.

  6. Awesome update everytime! Thank you for your dedication. skyline devs..we are indebted to y'all..great work!

  7. How is Skyleline the best Nintendo Switch Emulator if Egg NS Emulator works with more games ? Yeah Egg NS is behind a pay wall but if you can afford a high end phone that can run these emulators you can surely afford the gamesir controller that you need to use Egg NS.

  8. I saw a video: sometime installed arm version of windows 11 to the pocophone f1 and running old games on it like oblivion.

    Imagine what box86 and steam proton can do on a poco F4.

  9. Proton is amazing.
    When I still booted into Linux on my desktop to play games it made so playable out of the box and recently I tried ChimeraOS which basically is community driven SteamOS 3.0 (the version on SteamDeck) but with baked in GOG and EPIC support as well as emulators.
    It's really good but as I mostly play VR games and make massive use of GamePass, I can't simply go back like that.

    Taki Udon also showed the Odin handheld in various videos and while it comes with Android from the factory, Windows 11 runs fine and even games like Tomb Raider 2013 run fine via the translation layer Microsoft uses in ARM releases for Windows.

    The future of ARM, Linux and emulation will be exciting.

  10. I would love to hear you guest on a gaming podcast. It would be really cool to hear you give long form commentary about weekly news.

  11. This man is most enthusiastic man on YouTube when we talk about emulation.
    Skyline is on early stage but after 5 years means in 2027 it will be best emulator on smartphone for switch games.
    I still remember when 3ds emulator on very early stage in 2016 but now in 2022 we can play them with cintra Emulator.

  12. 2:14
    I launched box86 on android
    all you have to do is install linux which is easy because they have the same kernel
    And then just install a desktop enviorment finally just setup box86 + wine and do whatever you want

  13. Keen to see if Box86/Proton will work on ARM Chromebooks such as the popular Lenovo Duet or some of the more powerful ones coming up

  14. Now it's a race: Will I be able to play Portal on my AYN Odin using Android before my "after Q3" Steam Deck arrives?

    Alright. It's a very slow race. But I'm excited.

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